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Le Hoai Nha Trang, from University of Tennessee, USA
12/10/2010 11:36 SA

http://demo.osivietnam.com/uploads/news/2009/10/5/307247d7-8daa-4be1-b0d4-983511fb3e4d.jpgThe United States is developed country with strong economy and has many well-known colleges and universities. So earning an American degree will bring students a lot of opportunities to find a good job, and it’s recognized all over the world. Furthermore, we all know that language is a gate to communicate and understand each other. English is widely spoken in the world and has become very important in life. Studying in the US will help Vietnamese students to improve and be proficient in English which they can’t reach in Vietnam. That’s the reason why I choose to study in this country.

 As a Vietnamese, I find it hard to get a visa to enter to the US. However, there’s a person who can make those impossible things become possible. Mr. David Le is person that I’ve known since 2004. He runs OSI Agency Company which helps people with their documents for studying, travelling, immigrant, ect. He and his staff worked out on my documents and we were trying to get success. I could say that it was the hardest and the most remarkable time in my life.


Now my dream has been come true. I’m in the United States and earning my last 2 years for BA. I love this place and this university. I find myself become matured and stronger. I know how to deal with problems and manage my life better. Moreover, I got a lot of friends and enjoy my time abroad.


Thank for everything that brings me to the US, especially OSI and Mr. David Le


Cathy LE

The University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN

OSI Vietnam
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