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My Success Counts On OSI Vietnam
17/09/2010 09:52 SA

Flora Dong.jpgMy name is Flora and I am a journal student at University of Washington. My major is in Business, Finance. I left my beautiful country, Vietnam and came to the United State for a better education and I believe my hard work will reward me a good future, not only in terms of my career but also my life in general. 

Five years ago, I was a journal high school student at an International High School in Vietnam. While I was in there, I studied hard and as a result I was one of the better students (in terms of grades). Although I was an excellent student then, the effort needed now is much more intense. Choosing the right University has help me to answer some of the questions that I faced when I thought about what I am going to do when I graduate and who I want to become in this world when I have to be independent and take care of myself. The staff at OSI has graciously guided me through some of the more difficult choices. 


Realizing how importance my education from University would be to my future, I knew choosing the best school, for the type of education I wanted, was very important. For the first time I was compelled to see an advisor from OSI and I was fortunate to get Mr.Le, who is now the director of the company.  The first thing I learned was that the best schools are not necessarily the most famous and well-known. Instead, the best school is the right one that suites my educational needs but also fits me the best. During the process of advising, Mr.Le was very patient and careful to walk me through the steps of choosing a school. Then, he distinguished the similarities and differences as well as the advantages and disadvantage of attending University in Vietnam as opposed to others from overseas. Mr.Le, was very professional. He and his staff have much to offer in many fields of education since they have been working with education for many years. The most impressive things about OSI were their work ethic and the way they treated me. They treated me and other students who looked for help more like family, rather than just another customer. It was a good relationship. I felt that they truly cared about me and my education and they have continued to support me although I am already in University. They have encouraged me whenever I struggle at school and with other things. Over the years I have been with them, they have never disappointed me.


More than just money, it is about my education, my education at school as well as the experience I will get and I’m getting, from everyday life while I am living here. Little by little my experiences have transformed me, helping me to be a better, more mature individual. My education here has, to me, been worth so much more. Besides being in one of the best educational systems in this world, it gives me more chances to open my mind to a global world, not to mention a global economy. The variety of cultures I see every day is quite interesting and very exciting.


university_of_washington.jpgYesterday was my first day at University, it was one of the most important days in my student life so far and it also reminds me a lot of the good memories I have from the first days I arrived in American. Attending the University of Washington, my first experience at this educational level, means a lot to me. It marks a point in my success and opens a new page of my studying. It is going to be harder and more challenging than my previous studies and at first I was nervous, but now, just excited. The school where OSI sent me has trained me well. I have no double that I am going to be a successful business woman in the near future.  More than that, I am not alone. There is always OSI and other friends that are willing to help me to achieve my goals.


For my success today, I would very much like to say “Thanks”, to both my mom and Mr.Le, also OSI Vietnam. Without their support, I could and would not be here. 


“I like things to happen; and if they don’t happen, I like to make them happen” (Winston Churchill) 


Flora Dong - Seattle, WA, USA


OSI Vietnam
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