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Thanh Dong - Edmond Community College
17/09/2010 09:50 SA

Dong Chi Thanh.jpg

OSI Vietnam is one of the best and the most professional service I ever encountered. If you want to study abroad the same as me, OSI is very friendly and eager to help. Before I entered the interview, they helped me a lot to figure out what I should do and prepare to come off. Even I passed the interview; then OSI told me what I would face to such as: cross culture, language difference, and homesickness when I come to the US, and until I get ready for it. “Confidence is the key”, OSI said, “Feel free to ask”. They will be very happy to help. “Everything will be fine!” OSI is here to help and find the best way to your success.

I'm currently attending at Edmond Community College in Washington State. As my adviser, Mr. Thang worked very hard to help me finding out and applying this school. They will give you many chances that you cannot find anywhere else. A few years later, I think this school will be well equipped. I love the weather here; the traffic is perfect, and I fell safe every time. It really suits with me. People are very friendly and kind. Thanks OSI, thanks Mr. Thang a lot!

Dong Chi Thanh

OSI Vietnam
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