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Tran Minh Tuan - UTA
11/09/2012 09:19 SA

Hi all! My name is Ted. And I am so excited and very happy now…since I’m gonna come to us and study in university of Texas at Arlington (UTA) where there are a lot of foreign students coming from all over 130 countries in the world, so I can exchange and study a lot from their cultures. Studying abroad is always considered as one of the most powerful keys to unblock every gate to success. I can’t wait to come and discover myself in US.

Thanks to OSI, my “American Dream” has come true. I am really thankful to the all passionate staffs and the president Mr. Thang, who have worked very well to help me!

I graduated in the pedagogy university in Vietnam. And becoming a teacher is always my dream. I have been teaching for 5 years. But unfortunately, I realized that Vietnamese education is so old and traditional which is not really up to date to make a suitable place for students to enjoy and learning. To me a lesson plan without new methods to help student improve their skills in learning is a drafted one… I did have a hope to study abroad to enrich my experiences and the collections of my lesson plans. But it seems so expensive to me… I don’t have money to do it. Last year I went to work in Norway. I worked very hard…and was trying to earn and save money as much as possible for a belief that I would be able to come back to school, get more necessary knowledge and open a language school in the future… sometimes I wanted to give that dream up… life was so bitter…

In April 2012, I came back to Vietnam. After visited some education consulting companies, luckily, I found OSI Vietnam, also had chance to talk to Mr. Thang. He said that my dream was hopeful and he could help me to make it come true. OSI Vietnam helped me find school, advice my study plan, and all the paper works were prepared well for the visa interview. I was very embarrassed as I am 26. I wondered if I am too old to apply for studying a second bachelor degree in US?  But OSI Vietnam, Ms. Yen – senior counselor in charge - did a good job and they inspired me from their sympathetic smiles. With their precious advices, I did feel very confident for the interview.

In the end, I passed it and now, I am ready for a new adventure out there! Thanks god and thanks OSI.

Teddy Tran


OSI Vietnam
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